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From drinks, snacks and rolls to sweets, here are a host of options for you to experience the taste of Ramzan – the culinary hotspot of Bengaluru this festive season
holy month of Ramadan There is a celebration for the culinary hotspot of Bengaluru. Every evening the streets of Fraser Town’s Mosque Road are bustling with visitors from all corners of the city. The small street has everything from snacks to exotic meats. Here are some must-try picks from that list.

My friends and I wait for the month of Ramadan every year to go and taste the food here! it’s an experience in itself

Nirmal Surendran, fashion designer

The Main Course That Matters!
Curries, string hoppers, shawarma and biryani are also available, and can be taken home or eaten hot. A variety of mutton and chicken curries go well with naan and rice options.

Kolkata Biryani

exotic meat substitutes
From rabbit to camel (yes, it’s still illegal)… rare delicacies are a reality at some of the street stalls along Masjid Road

Chicken Kebabsmo;  Ale

start small
Whichever side of the road you enter the mosque from, you will be greeted with a mix of smells wafting your way from the many temporary stalls set up here. Must try samosas and cutlets here.


kebabs and more
Red, green, fried – there are many kebabs you can find on Masjid Road. They are available in chicken, beef or mutton. They’re also pretty affordable, making them a perfect appetizer option!


trail of sweets
Choose from Shahi Tukda to Bengali sweets, or jalebis and gulab jamuns, but be sure to try the sweet treats at the stalls.

Pineapple Sliced

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