Balochistan: Three killed as mild earthquake hits Pakistan’s Balochistan province

Karachi: 3.5 magnitude mild earthquake occurred Pakistan‘S Balochistan ProvinceOfficials have said that three people were killed and five others were injured when their mud houses collapsed. The epicenter of the earthquake that hit the province on Friday was 60 km northwest of Quettacapital of Balochistan.
All three children were killed in the border town of Chaman. IranWhen their mud house collapsed after the earthquake.
According to a spokesperson, “They were between 12 and 8 years old and included two girls.” Baluchistan Chief Minister
Two mud houses collapsed after the earthquake. The spokesman said the rescue operation was continuing to see if they had found any other casualties, injuries or damages.
“So far five people have been taken to the hospital for treatment after being injured,” the spokesman said.
Earthquakes are common in Pakistan.
Powerful 6.8 magnitude earthquake kills nine and injures 150 others Khyber Pakhtunkhwa On 21 March.
The deadliest earthquake to hit Pakistan in 2005 killed over 74,000 people.

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