Bhagyalaxmi fame Bebika Dhurve reveals she is a big prankster and would want to prank Salman Khan

bebika dhurve She is a stunning model who has made it to the top 15 stages of Miss India 2020. Devika Oberoi in daily soap Bhagyalakshmi, She is also working on her worldwide project in Dubai. Recently, she recalled April Fools’ Day in school and mentioned a celeb she wanted to prank.
Babika recalled her school days, “I used to play a lot of pranks with my school friends. My school friends tried hard to play pranks on me, but they could not pull it off, because if someone I can easily tell if he is joking.
She also shares why she has never played pranks with any of her co-stars, adding, “I haven’t really played pranks with any actor since the time I entered the industry. Because it’s been 1.5 years since I entered the industry and I don’t know how I will do.” Hits back at any pranks. People don’t mess with me on the set as I am a kind of don wherever I go.

She spilled some more beans saying, “If I get a chance to prank a celebrity then I definitely will Salman Khan That one morning when he woke up from his sleep, he married me. Also, I would gather their closest friends and family to act as eyewitnesses. I know it won’t work well but it will be fun.

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