Burma Burma opens second location in Bengaluru

Burma Burma

Burma Burma | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Amidst the ever-changing culinary landscape in Bengaluru, there are a few names that have stood the test of time; Fewer still have been fortunate enough to expand their presence in the city.

Burma Burma

Forum Rex Walk, Brigade Road

Call: +91 9920240092

Ambiance: Casual Chic

The Hit: Crunchy Shiitake Fingers, Edamame, and Broad Bean Hummus

Meal for two: ₹1800 plus taxes

When it first launched in 2018, Burma Burma was seen as an anomaly, even though it was a tastier one. With an abundance of Indo-Chinese (which are actually neither Indian nor Chinese) and Tibetan options that cater to vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike, it seems that the vegetarian kind is being overlooked for authentic Burmese cuisine. can be done.

Now five years later, Burma Burma is proving it can hold its own in a city where tastes shift with demographics. Wisely tried and tested, the management continues with their previous menu while introducing a few new dishes to celebrate their opening in the second place.

One of the best things about Burmese cuisine is the amazing palette of flavors and textures – richly varied and yet hearty and homely; Even strict carnivores can forget about the non-vegetarian aspect.

Crunchy Shiitake Fingers

Crunchy Shiitake Fingers | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Three new starters have been added to the bill of fare and each one is so delicious you might argue skipping the entrée. Bandel is a cheese popular in the northeastern regions of India and its smoky flavor makes it a wonderful accompaniment to Crunchy Shiitake Fingers – crispy fried shiitake mushrooms coated in semolina and hemp seeds.

For the Trumpet Mushroom Steak, succulent king oyster mushrooms are grilled and served with puffed black rice in a black pepper dressing, ticking all the flavors off the umami box.

Mandalay Noodles Bowl

Mandalay Noodles Bowl | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

rather south indian podi, the Burmese have balachong—a spicy relish made with fried onions, garlic, cayenne pepper, and crushed peanuts—that elevates even the simplest meals. Here, the culinary team has balachong-stuffed peppers sitting atop edamame and broad bean hummus, which adds zing to the savory puree; along with the Burmese NaanThis can make a satisfying meal for light eaters.

The beverage menu includes exotic concoctions derived from spiced raspberries, juniper berries, roasted red peppers and more. You round off your meal with two new entrants to the bubble tea list – avocado and brown sugar – or sip on a soothing range of Burmese teas.

Burma Burma has also introduced an ice cream menu with a delicious range of flavours; The dark chocolate ice cream served with olive compote and biscotti is truly a delight.

Avocado and Honey Ice Cream

Avocado and Honey Ice Cream | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

The interiors of the new location are warm and inviting, and the attention to detail is evident in the tasteful bric-a-brac and home linens as well as the hand-crafted, hand-painted Burmese umbrellas. pathin, Shading the outdoor seating area. Co-founder Ankit Gupta says they were sourced from Burmese artisans to supplement their dwindling livelihoods.

Although alcohol is not served, Burma Burma sports a beautiful bar where visitors can enjoy their drinks and starters while waiting for a table. And yes, anyone can now reserve a table at their new location.

Kumkum Mojito

kumkum mojito | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

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