Eat this giant 12-kg samosa in Meerut, win ₹71,000

Meerut: A huge samosa named 'Bahubali Samosa' being sold at a shop in Meerut Sunday, June 18, 2023.

Meerut: A giant samosa named ‘Bahubali Samosa’ is being sold at a shop in Meerut, Sunday, June 18, 2023 | Photo Credit: PTI

How would you like to celebrate your birthday by cutting a giant 12 kg samosa? Or eat a deep-fried snack in 30 minutes to win ₹71,000?

Shubham Kaushal, the third-generation owner of Lalkurti-based Kaushal Sweets, says he wanted to do “something different” to bring the samosa into the limelight.

He got the idea of ​​making a ‘Bahubali’ samosa, which would weigh 12 kg.

Kaushal said that people order ‘Baahubali’ samosas and prefer to bite into it on their birthdays instead of the traditional cake.

There is also a challenge to win Rs 71,000 to finish a samosa filled with potatoes, peas, spices, paneer and dry fruits in 30 minutes, he added.

It takes about six hours for the cooks at Kaushal’s shop to prepare the giant samosa.

The owner of the shop said that it takes 90 minutes alone and the efforts of three cooks to fry the samosas in a pan.

Of the 12 kg samosas, about seven kg are packed inside a salty pastry cone.

Kaushal said, “Our Bahubali samosas have also caught the attention of social media influencers and food bloggers, who frequently visit the shop. We get inquiries from locals as well as people living in other parts of the country.”

He said that the shop only takes advance orders for samosas.

“I wanted to do something different to bring samosas into the limelight. We decided to make ‘Bahubali’ samosas. First we started making samosas of four kilos and then samosas of eight kilos. Both became popular. Later on We prepared 12 kilos of samosas.”

The cost of 12 kilos of samosas is approximately ₹1,500.

Kaushal said that he has received around 40-50 orders for ‘Baahubali’ samosas so far.

He claimed that the samosa is the biggest in the country.

Meerut, a district in western UP, is popular for sweets such as ‘rewdi’ and ‘gajak’.

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