Explosion in Russian cafe kills prominent military blogger, injures over dozen

Panic in a cafe explosion RussiaThe second largest city on Sunday killed a prominent military blogger who supported the fighting ukraine, Russia’s Interior Ministry said more than a dozen people were injured.
Russian news reports blogger said Vladlen Tatarsky An explosion at the street food bar No. 1 cafe in St. Petersburg killed and injured 16 people. The report did not mention any claims of responsibility or provide details beyond saying that a cafe visitor had carried an “explosive device”.
The Interior Ministry said that everyone in the cafe at the time of the explosion was being “investigated for involvement”.
Russian media and military bloggers said Tatarsky was meeting with members of the public and a woman presented him with a box with a statue which apparently exploded. A patriotic Russian group organizing the event said it had taken security precautions, but added that “regrettably they proved to be insufficient.”
Since fighting broke out in Ukraine on February 24, 2022, there have been various fires and explosions in Russia without any apparent connection to the conflict.
Tatarsky filed reports regularly with Ukraine as well. Kremlin, Tatarsky is the pen name of Maxim Fomin, who amassed over 560,000 followers on his Telegram messaging app channel. He was known for his fiery declarations and pro-war rhetoric.
Following the Kremlin’s annexation of four regions of Ukraine last year, Tatarsky posted a video in which he vowed: “That’s it. We’ll beat everyone, kill everyone, rob everyone we need.” . Everything will be as it pleases us. God be with you.”
Many countries have condemned this merger calling it illegal.

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