Feast on season’s specials in Iftar food kits made by home cooks in Thiruvananthapuram

It is that time of the year again when all the streets leading to the mosques are full of vendors selling fresh food for those breaking the day’s fast after prayers. Apart from the ubiquitous fruit juices, samosas, vadas and cutlets, there is a bewildering array of eats, especially snacks soaked in the flavors of Malabar.

Iftar Kit from Sheeba La Fleur

Iftar Kit by Sheeba La Fleur | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Over the years, enterprising home cooks have begun offering iftar kits for sale. Get the Iftar Kit of your choice delivered at your doorstep. All thanks to home cooks in Thiruvananthapuram who have launched Iftar kits consisting of juices, cut fruits. kanji (gruel), Malabari snacks, BiryaniThere is a lot to choose from this Ramzan season.

Iftar Kit from Colamas Kitchen

Iftar Kit from Colamas Kitchen | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

such as fruit juice, fruit pieces, dried fruits, bread Chapati, Oroti, Pathiri, Parantha,Ghee Rice, Otada, Idiyappam, Curry And Biryani Included in most kits. so also thari kanjiMilk broth made from semolina, garnished with onions fried in ghee. Plus, every home chef’s kit has specials of the season.

La Fleur

Shiba La Fleur offers two types of kits – a large spread with 13 dishes for three people and a smaller one with six dishes for two.

sheeba la fleur

Sheeba La Fleur | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

“Special is the dessert made of fried eggs, bananas and dry fruits in ghee. It is often made in Muslim homes in north Kerala for ‘puyyappala salakkaram’, (when the bride’s family prepares a lavish meal for the groom),” says Sheeba, who has been selling iftar kits since 2018.

Kits are available on alternate days of the week. She sells on the days the kits are not available haleem, The kits cost ₹1,500 (large) and ₹550 (small). Contact: 9995288457

Colamas Kitchen

The number of eaters in the kit will increase from five to 10 next week at Priya Kolassery’s Kolamas Kitchen. These include kuska rice, plain rice flavored with onions, spices, herbs, etc.

Priya Kolassery, who runs Colamas Kitchen

Priya Kolassery who runs Kolamas Kitchen | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Kits are served on alternate days. or enjoy made-to-order West Asian desserts Baklava, Basbousa And Kunafa, Umm Ali (Egyptian bread pudding), and muthabaq A mini parcel with a filling of chicken and eggs.

“Some dishes like cozium pidium which consists of rice fritters in chicken curry, is prepared only when there is a minimum order of 10,” for example, cozium pidiumIn which there are rice fritters in chicken curry. Mine is a dry version of the same,” says Priya. Rate: ₹550 (for large iftar kit). Contact: 8138965577.


Malabar snacks are the highlight of home chef and entrepreneur Nabeela Shanwas’ mini kit. “We have a huge range of traditional snacks and three of them are served every day – while one is a sweet snack, the other two are spicy, mostly non-vegetarian,” says Nabeela.

Nabila Shanwas who runs O'Roti

Nabeela Shanwas who runs O’Roti | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

The samosa itself comes in 10 variants, ranging from dates, bananas and dry fruits to chicken, prawns and meat to soya chunks. It’s time to indulge in a variety of indulgences appendicitis – Layered and deep-fried varieties of traditional flatbreads made from rice flour – eg gallstones , Sweet Adukku Pathiri, Date Pathiri, Pazha Pathiri And Erachi Pathiri, Pola (pan-baked cake) varieties such as Carrot Pola, Apple Polasweet bread and Iranichicken envelope, Kalmas (shallow-fried snack with meat or fish filling), Mutta Surakka (Deep fried snack made from eggs).

The kits can be collected from her restaurant, O’Roti, in Kuravankonam or will be delivered through Swiggy Genie. The cost of the mini kit is ₹99. Contact: 9497828211


Home chef Nazia Irshad of The Yummy Spot introduces the first-ever Iftar kit and she elaborates on the seven essentials in the kit Masala Kanji,

Iftar Kit from YummySpot

Iftar Kit from YummySpot | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

“It is prepared just like we used to make it at our home in Kottarakkara; we will call it arachuveezthiya kanji, About 30 ingredients go into it. The keema rice is slow-cooked for several hours with a fine paste of ingredients including coconut, spices, onions, garlic, biryani masala and turmeric powder, among others,” says Najia.

Nazia Irshad

Nazia Irshad | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

She says: “At least 80% of customers order kits to give as gifts to their colleagues and friends.” Rate: ₹290. Contact: 7012523636

Baked n’ Cooked

Assorted Malabari Snacks in Iftar Kit from Baked N' Cooked

Assorted Malabari Snacks in Iftar Kit from Baked n’ Cooked | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Shahina Saif of Baked N’ Cooked has been selling iftar food for a few years now; This time he has iftar kit and dinner kit. “The main attraction of the Iftar kit is four types of Malabari snacks thari kanjiSpices kanji and fruit. After iftar the dinner kit includes four types of rotis (chapati, paratha, orotti And Idiyappam), vegetarian and non-vegetarian curries, ghee rice and a dessert,” says Shahina.

Shahina Saif of Baked n'Cook

Shahina Saif of Baked n’Cooked | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Price: ₹199 (Iftar Kit), ₹299 (Dinner Kit), ₹399 (Both Kits). Contact: 7012847606.

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