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Haven’t ventured out to check out the city’s foodie scene during Ramadan yet? Are you still wondering where to start? Let’s make it simple. After all it is that time of the year when the night creeps in for everyone in Hyderabad irrespective of their faith, mingling with those who love to sample the city’s festive spirit through food. Food Walks in Hyderabad need no elaborate description or explanation.

metroplus List a few places to sample these strictly non-vegetarian favorites. Let’s chew



Subhan Bakery This is the hottest new haleem address in town. The brand famous for Osmania Biscuits, based in Nampally, started selling Haleem this year. After trying it out of curiosity, we were clearly impressed by the smooth texture; Whole spices and bones don’t need a lot of spitting. This haleem is not spicy without being bland. Try this no-drama haleem.

Amjad Lala If you are planning an Iftar party then Hyderabad-based home cook, who is also a MasterChef contestant, Haleem is worth a try. When asked what is special about his haleem, he says it is the use of meat, spices and whole wheat. He claims to use potla meat without bones, no standing spice (whole spices) and follows an heirloom recipe. He has a minimum order requirement for no more than 15 people.

spice 9 This Haleem place in Malakpet is not that simple. it’s heavy, loaded stock And serve with lots of fried cashew pieces. It’s spicy and needs something to wash down your throat. Haleem has the texture of a non-veg gravy and is definitely not for anyone who cannot tolerate pronounced acid reflux after a heavy plate of Haleem.

Naib Nayab decided to stay away from doing anything extravagant this year – no fancy creams and kebabs. The haleem here is served with a swirl of bone broth, which again says it’s nothing extra. Haleem is served and eaten as such. The sticky texture of the shorba/soup haleem makes it easy to mix.

Shadab Want to eat Haleem but quantity is stopping you? Then try the Mini Haleem at Shadab. This is one of the smoothest haleems in terms of texture and spice level.

by Khasa Shahnoor If you want something homemade, keep an eye on Shahnoor Begum’s haleem announcements on Instagram. Shahnoor’s Haleem is a hit among those who prefer the taste of non-commercial food. Simply put, a bowl of Khasa’s Haleem is light on your stomach.

grill 9 Last year, this Secunderabad eatery introduced Bahubali Haleem. While it still reigns, they introduced something new: a haleem platter. It consists of haleem, two types of kebabs and a bowl stock With Yemeni dry fruits tossed on the side.

Salim Javed This new eatery is making haleem that’s hot. It is made from pulses like bohra porridge, but with a smoother texture and prepared with finely ground spices. Ghee is added only for decoration.

Other places where haleem lovers are queuing up are Capital More in Malakpet and Hyderguda Peshawar in Ladikapul and Malakpet.


stone meat

Sonu Kebab This kebab joint in the old city’s Hussaini Alam selling a variety of kebabs including kebabs Paneer Tikka Kebabbut is hot seller Stone meat. The aromatic flavor with the spice doesn’t overpower the flavor of the meat, and burns to perfection, complementing the smoky flavor that sizzles when the meat goes on the hot stone slab.

kholani’s kitchen Not ready to face the crowds even at night? Then head to Kholani’s Kitchen in Banjara Hills. The restaurant is attracting kebab lovers who relish them extra spicy, soft and with an itty-bitty cover of cooked marination.

Biryaniwala This place is another good option in Banjara Hills stone meat, They serve it simple, easy for people with less spice tolerance and the kebabs have nice crispy brown edges.

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