Google: Google is rolling out this important search feature for Drive

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Google is slowly updating all its apps and services with its latest Material You design language. In the process, the search engine giant also makes some user interface changes here and there to add more functionality. Following that, the company has now started adding a new search feature for Drive. 9to5Google has reported that Google Drive will now show a persistent bar with search filters.
According to the report, the new search filters will allow users to refine their search by file type, owner and last modification.
The File type filter lets users choose options like Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Forms, Photos & images, PDFs, Videos, Shortcuts, Folders, Sites, Audio, Drawings, and Archives (.zip).
The Last modified filtre will allow users to filter files and data based on the date it was last modified. The feature was earlier available only for Google Drive search. Now, it works for the entire Google Drive.
What do these new filters mean for users?
According to Google, the new filter options will allow users to easily narrow down files from all the files stored in the Drive faster. Considering Google has recently added a Material You redesign to Drive and added quick and easy shortcuts for sharing, downloading, remaining and adding files to favourites as soon as users hover over the file.
In addition, Google has also added a multi-select toolbar for selecting multiple files together and completing an action all at once.
Rollout details
According to Google’s blog post, the new search filters are now rolling out starting today. It’s a gradual rollout and will be made available to all users in the coming weeks. The filters will be available to all Google Workspace customers, G Suite Basic and Business customers along with Google personal account users.

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