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Newly married couple Vashisht and Haripriya’s busy schedules leave them little time for their loved ones, but they find ways…
Enjoying the glow of his marriage to actor Haripriya in January, Vashishtha N Simha is back in action to woo the Telugu and Tamil film industry. Thus, the newly wed couple find little time for each other due to their busy film schedules. So, his wife Haripriya did the next best thing – she surprised him on the sets of their Telugu film Yevam, and even cooked food for ‘Pati Pyaare’ and the crew! “We’ve been married for over two months, and work has been very busy. So we could not spend much time together. Haripriya came to visit me on the sets of Yevam in Vikarabad during one night shoot, which was a pleasant surprise,” he said. He cooked food for us on the set. We are doing our best to be there for each other. Nevertheless, our personal life has taken a backseat due to prior acting commitments,” revealed Vashisht.

wooing the telugu industry
Vashishtha is busy with Telugu film Yevam, helmed by Navdeep, starring Mohan Bhagat and Chandni Chowdhary in lead roles, the actor was last seen in Telugu film Odela Railway Station. About Yevam, Vashisht says, “It is a psychological thriller that provides a lot of space to my character, with different shades that drive the story forward.”
‘I am engaged in the same effort irrespective of language’,
The actor also makes his Tamil debut with Wolf, and believes that acting transcends boundaries, and is inherently about talent. “I made the same effort irrespective of the language. Honestly, it’s the talent that counts. If a particular actor can do justice to a character and the script demands it, there is no harm in casting actors irrespective of background. As actors, our job is to prove our mettle,” he says.

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