Indulge in European delights at O’ver Coffee Cafe & Wine Bar on Lavelle Road

Over Coffee Cafe & Wine Bar

Over Coffee Cafe & Wine Bar | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Located on Lavalle Road, Over Coffee Cafe & Wine Bar provides patrons with a relaxed atmosphere where they can enjoy a variety of European and continental cuisines. The menu showcases a range of options to suit different tastes and preferences. From fresh smoothie bowls to classic breakfast delights like croissants, pancakes, and Belgian waffles, there’s something here for everyone.

Established by Mahesh Krishnachari, director of Vavra, Over Coffee boasts a thoughtfully designed ambiance and menu. Chef mentor and wine enthusiast Abhijit Saha collaborated to create an authentic European cuisine menu, striking a harmonious balance between sophistication and comfort. Saha’s three decades of experience shines through in the menu, which offers a mix of traditional and contemporary flavours, catering to a wide variety of tastes.

Grilled Apple Zucchini

Grilled Apple Zucchini | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Their standout dish is definitely the avocado on sourdough toast, one of the best I’ve had in Bangalore. The combination of creamy avocado and perfectly roasted citrus flour that imparts a buttery smooth yet crisp flavor was really satisfying. The menu includes an assortment of soups, salads, flatbread pizzas and Swiss rösti, offering a diverse selection for lunch or a light snack.

The cafe’s house blend includes Colombian coffee beans, which are renowned as some of the finest coffee beans in the world. These beans undergo a careful roasting process in Italy, ensuring that each cup of coffee delivers a truly exceptional experience. The origin of their specialty coffee beans can be traced to the regions of Sakleshapura and Chikkamagaluru, which are known for producing beans with distinctive flavor profiles.

The ambiance of the cafe is designed to provide a relaxed and comfortable setting. With comfortable sofa seating, high chairs and elevated tables, guests can choose their preferred seating arrangement. The inclusion of multiple plug points for charging ensures that visitors can stay connected while enjoying their meal or conducting work meetings.


Spaghetti | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

The walls are adorned with captivating photographs, which add a touch of visual appeal to the space. Mahesh’s collection of European street paintings transports diners to faraway places, while images of Karnataka landmarks connect them to the local milieu.

Despite the café’s efforts to maintain a pleasant atmosphere, it is worth noting one minor drawback I experienced during my visit – the presence of flies. Although the staff seemed diligent in their efforts to maintain cleanliness, the occasional infestation by flies spoiled the overall dining experience.

Hot chocolate

hot chocolate | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

In addition to the culinary offerings, the café has an impressive selection of both domestic and imported wines. Champagne and Prosecco options are also available for those seeking a finer enjoyment. For coffee connoisseurs, the menu offers a variety of options, including frappes, cold espresso, and hot coffee, all crafted with care and precision.

So, if you are looking for a place to relax, enjoy a delightful cup of coffee, and savor European flavors in a cozy setting, Over Coffee Cafe & Wine Bar is worth a look. Just remember to keep an eye out for those cheeky flies buzzing around.

Over Coffee Cafe & Wine Bar

Address: Over Coffee Cafe & Wine Bar, Ground Floor, Christu Complex, 41, B” Wing, Lavalle Road, Bangalore

Hits: Avocado on Sourdough Toast and Burrata and Spicy Beet Carpaccio

Defaults: Nilgiri Blue Pea Tea

Time: 12 noon to 11:30 pm

call: +919901388669

Ambience: Modern

Wallet Factors: ₹1,200 for two without alcohol

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