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Visakhapatnam: Highlighting unemployment among tribal youth and poor infrastructure in hilly areas, most of the locals whose land is being acquired to set up Upper Sileru Pumped Storage Hydro Electric Project At Sileru (9×150 MW) under GK Veedhi mandal in ASR district, welcomed the project but demanded employment Guarantee to local tribal youth in the project. The authorities have deployed a large number of police personnel for the public hearing.
Local residents participated in the public hearing organized by Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board (APPCB) on Saturday welcomed the project at Upper Sileru but demanded employment guarantee, better compensation to the oustees and development. rural infrastructure,
Andhra Pradesh Power Generation Corporation (APGENCO) intends to set up Upper Sileru Pumped Storage Hydro Electric Project at Sileru for grid stability due to injection of renewable energy sources.
Hundreds of people gathered at the football ground in Sileru on Saturday for the public hearing led by ASR district joint collector J Shiva Srinivas and APPCB environmental engineer T Sudarsanam.
P Samba Murthy, a local leader, said they would not reject the project, but the authorities would have to employ local youth in the project and develop rural infrastructure including roads, electricity and hospitals.
Those who participated in the public hearing included S Valli Prasad, Koda Raju, Koda Anand, K Vishnu Murthy, Aprangi Bujji Babu and a few others, demanding fair compensation and jobs for those who lost land to the project.
Some participants expressed that the four-hydel plants owned by APGENCO at Sileru Hydel Generation Complex are generating lakhs of units of electricity. But some villages near Sileru are yet to be electrified.
The villagers of Sandu Kori, who will lose their land to the project, welcomed the project and appealed to the authorities to provide better compensation and jobs to those who lost their land.
APGENCO Director Hydal, MVV Satyanarayana assured the gathering that the project would not cause any problems and would generate employment for the local youth. He also assured proper compensation to those who lost their land and houses to the project. He said that APGENCO would take up the project at an estimated cost of Rs 11,000 crore and the project would be completed in five years. Officials said the demands of the local people would be considered. eom

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