Love for Biryanis from the South in the capital

Prawn Biryani

prawn biryani | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

It came wrapped in the warm aroma of spices. i smell her Dindigul Biryaniand started delving deep into the meat-and-rice dish served at a restaurant in Coonoor.

Dingidul – Known for its locks Biryani — was miles away, but the chefs at the Coonoor restaurant had mastered the recipe. Cooked with succulent pieces of chicken and aromatic cumin rice, and tempered with whole spices, this dish reinforced my faith in South Indian. Biryani,

for years, Biryani In Delhi it meant the Awadhi or Delhi version of the dish. Then Andhra Bhavan introduced us to the Hyderabadi Biryani, and we couldn’t get enough of it. There was a time when our Sunday lunch meant a plate of Hyderabadi BiryaniHot and spicy, and garnished with a hard-boiled egg.

Now, restaurants big and small are serving a variety of South Indian dishes. Biryani in city. You can dig in Kerala Chemin BiryaniChettinad Mutton Biryanior even mangalore fish Biryani and coorg meat Biryani,

i always enjoyed it Biryani Mahabeli’s in Saket, especially its Thalisserie Chicken Biryani, I also remember the satisfying food I had at a restaurant called Thalaivar. Chettinad Chicken is on its menu Biryani (₹525) and Malabar Mutton Biryani (₹575). this is chicken Biryani It is cooked in Coimbatore curry style. Veruan at Kailash Colony Market serves Malabar prawns (₹599) and mutton Biryani (₹599). Small restaurant in Old Rajinder Nagar that caters to students from South India preparing for civil services, serves South Indian food BiryaniVery.

A few days back, a friend told me about an eatery called Thalairaj Biryani in Indirapuram. we ordered chicken Dum Biryani (₹329) and a black pepper chicken Biryani (₹329) and loved them. The dishes were spicy, but had a delicious southern flavor, enhanced by curry leaves. Black Pepper Chicken Biryani There were boneless chicken pieces cooked in the Chettinad style and the heady flavor of crushed black pepper.

Then, for our dinner a few nights ago, we ordered a plate of Malabar prawns Biryani (₹350) from Hotel Malabar in New Friends Colony. The rice—lightly stirred on top, but with a gravy-like consistency underneath—had some juicy pieces of shrimp and a tangy flavor that I liked.

south indian Biryani fans believe Biryani – at least rice and meat cooked together – originated in the south, and is mentioned in Sangam literature. The diversity in the South is truly mind-boggling. This is not surprising, as the people of this region mainly eat rice. Salem is in Tamil Nadu Biryani, which is cooked with long-grain rice, unlike Ambur Biryani, which uses short Jeera Samba rice, and is cooked with yogurt and tomatoes. Hyderabad has a variety of cuisines – which include RawBiryani And milk biryaniWhich is cooked with milk and cream.

Some of my friends claim there is no such thing as vegetables Biryani, but some restaurants also serve rice and vegetable dishes. Jackfruit is a popular dish Biryani of Andhra Pradesh.

South Indian Biryani is bringing new flavors to the North. Let thousands of fragrances flourish.

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