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The actor explores projects down south, with Kannada film Ghost being the latest
Anupam Kher has already been a part of Connect in Tamil and Karthikeya 2 in Telugu and a few Malayalam films. The latest South film in the pipeline is her Kannada debut film Ghost, in which she shares screen space with Shivarajkumar. Anupam was in Bengaluru last week, and a video of Shivarajkumar and Anupam dressed in black became the talk of the town. “The reason why South films are doing so well across India is because they stick to a grounded, rooted story,” says Anupam. However, he tells us that the main reason he comes to films is to meet people. “When I work with different people, I get to learn a lot; His technique, passion and his understanding of acting,” he says.
Anupam says, “I like newcomers; I believe the nervousness of newcomers brings out the best in them.” Airport-Hotel-Location-Airport as a busy person has traveled. But now, I’ve slowed down. Even in Bengaluru, on my first day here, I met with Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw. He’s a friend and we had dinner together. My physiotherapist Dr. Ashish Kaushik has moved from Mumbai to Bangalore. My friend from Shimla lives in Bangalore. I met him too. Now I see the cities, I talk to the people. ,
Does this mean that the story or character takes a backseat? “When I get an offer, I think about the people behind it and the happiness it will bring me. I took up Ghost because of director MG Srinivas’ flexibility and sharing screen space with Sivarajkumar. However, I am thankful to God for everything that comes my way. There are millions of people who want to be in my place, but God has chosen me and I am grateful and humbled for that. Life is 80 percent monotony and 20 percent excitement. Work is like that; You get up, make up and give your best. It is the remaining 20 per cent where creative satisfaction happens,” says Anupam.
With 40 years as an actor and over 500 films to his credit, Anupam tells us, he remains a student. “In the last four-five years I have deliberately made my job difficult because I think when you make your job difficult, can you find better ways of doing it. After doing so much work, I can be complacent. But, complacency is the worst enemy of talent. I reinvent myself every few years by taking up challenging/unique roles. I can sit at home complaining about the offers I have missed or make the best of what I am offered. Acting gives you a lot, it inspires you to live a lot. In fact, I don’t like people calling me a legend, actor or legend. I am still a newcomer, that’s why I called my 501st film my first film after the interval. I am an eternal optimist. There are two types of people in the world, the thinker and the doer, I am the doer. The most challenging role, maybe, is yet to come,” says the actor.

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