Newlywed bride creates drama in police stations; asks permission to marry lover

Wedding drama is everywhere! Weddings all over India tend to have some drama or the other which can be quite amusing and amusing too! Recently, a newly wed bride dressed as a bride created a lot of drama when she reached the police station to seek permission from her lover to marry! Talk about fighting for your love!
The bride created a lot of ruckus and drama inside the police station and is seen saying, ‘Do shaadi karenge, do shaadi karenge’.

In the video clip, it is believed that the bride is under the influence of alcohol. She is seen throwing papers and a mobile phone while the woman constable tries to control her. The bride can be seen dressed in a red and golden saree and is later seen being dragged into a room by a woman constable.
Watch the video here:

The video has been viewed nearly 155k times by Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj with the caption,
“Do Shaadi Karenge Do Shaadi”

Immediately after marrying a man, a woman demands marriage from her lover.

police watching as mute spectators

feel so bad for your husband


The comment section is flooded with people lamenting the behavior of the woman. Some people had sympathy for the woman’s husband. One user wrote, ‘I pray for her husband’s well-being.’

While someone joked that the bride was acting like a madwoman, another user wrote, “By God, I have to act like this in life.”

Some others were quite concerned about the matter and insisted that the bride should be allowed to unite with her lover as she was in great distress.

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