Prequel restaurant review: Bengaluru’s Airport Road gets a new, buzzy all-day dining space

Parmesan Potato Gnocchi in Spicy Tomato Sauce

Parmesan Potato Gnocchi in Spiced Tomato Sauce | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Prequels, sequels, they’re all floating around in our collective subconscious. What happened to House Targaryen before this game of Thrones, house of dragon gives some clues. How did the love story of Queen Charlotte and King George III unfold? bridgerton The spin-off may provide some answers. We learn how poor, young, immigrant Vito becomes the sinister Don Corleone. The Godfather Part IIWhich is the rare film that is both a prequel and a sequel.

Lamb Shank Nihari, Butter Chicken

Lamb leg nihari, butter chicken | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement


1st Floor, Umiya Velocity, Hebbal, Bangalore- 560024

Time: 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM

call: 080 29908133/9731407033

Surroundings: high drama

Hits: Dal Makhni

Meal for two: ₹ 1300 (without alcohol)

If you’re wondering why I’m talking about a prequel and dragons in a restaurant review, it’s because the restaurant in question is called a prequel and I get to think about the beginning of things. forced, what they were before. For example, how Jimmy Page, who was still hugely talented before Led Zeppelin, but not yet a guitar god with black sequined bellbottoms.

Apparently the reasoning behind the name is the same; You can be the prequel to the prequel or feel like Alice falling down a semantic rabbit hole. Perfectly located on Bellary Road, Prequel provides a perfect welcome to Bangalore. As you get off that final flyover from the airport and before you tackle the dreaded Hebbal flyover into the city, it’s an all light and airy prequel by day and dazzlingly bright by night.

From its Insta-ready gleaming glasses to the hypnotic giant screen, the restaurant has a 70-mm vibe. There are big windows where you can watch the world crawl by in multicolored vehicles like a herd of tired snails on Airport Road. While all the drinks are named after famous prequels which include Revenge of the Sith, Annabelle And Dumbledore’s Secret (hmph), the food has everything from sushi to momos, pizza Paranthas and pasta.

As always, as the options mount, my mind freezes and we leave ourselves in the able hands of the chef. Since we were both recovering from itchy throats, the fun of the hot, spiced toddy was something else. The food, while not particularly memorable, was equally delicious. The only thing that stood out in a sea of ​​delicious dishes was the humble Dal MakhniWith its characteristic smoky flavor.

Pizza with Wild Mushroom Pesto, Mozzarella and Truffle Oil

Pizza with Wild Mushroom Pesto, Mozzarella and Truffle Oil | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Cheese Hummus Wins an A for originality as does Chili Cheese Kulcha Bam – I’ve always had a weakness for bread and cheese, what can I say? There were also dips to finish off the pizza crust – this is becoming a thing, no? The re-invented fresh fruit parfait sundae was a nice way to sign off on a good meal in a pleasant atmosphere.

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