Indians love chicken tikka masala, the made-in-Britain curry. What about katsu curry from Tokyo and buss up shut from Trinidad and Tobago?


Indian, or rather India-inspired food is everywhere. , Photo credit: Getty Images / iStock “We’re taking you to an Indian restaurant!” As a frequent traveler to foreign shores, this is a sentence thrown at me with alarming urgency and frequency. This is also what I dread to hear the most. I hear it from friends … Read more

Go organic this Pongal with heritage rice kits


Freshly harvested rice is used to make sweet Pongal on the day of Pongal or Makar Sankranti. photo credit: special arrangement Sempulum At Sempulam Sustainable Solutions, employees are busy packing heritage rice varieties from across Tamil Nadu for their Pongal kits. Founder K Vijayalakshmi says, “This year we are offering Government Pongal and Wayne Pongal … Read more

Move over bucket biriyani. In Chennai, ‘bucket Pongal’ makes a debut


Bucket Pongal at an eatery in Chennai | Photo credit: Johan Satyadas Why should non-vegetarians have all the fun? In Chennai, where biryani is an obsession, restaurants are popular for delivering it in buckets, a simple, economical and effective way to package around eight servings. Now, Bucket Pongal is here, courtesy Adyar-based eatery Madras Pongal, … Read more

Inclusivity on Wheels: Pride Cafe, Bengaluru’s first food truck managed by LGBTQIA+ community opens at WeWork Galaxy


Veteran actress Arundhati Nag after inaugurating the Pride Cafe at WeWork Galaxy on Residency Road in Bengaluru on January 9, 2023. Photo Credit: Special Arrangement Food became a love language and a means of empowerment this week with the launch of Pride Cafe, a food truck in Bengaluru, at WeWork Galaxy in Residency Road in … Read more

Making healthy choice the easier choice


“We need more choices to be able to eat healthy without compromising on the choices of others” File | Photo credit: The Hindu Do you eat five servings (400-500 grams) of fruits and vegetables or do 30 minutes of physical activity a day? Chances are you don’t. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who … Read more