Sehri spots in Hyderabad serve local specials

All roads lead to the old city during Ramadan

During Ramadan all roads lead to the old city. Photo Credit: Nagra Gopal

Kebabs getting ready to serve

Kebabs are getting ready to be served. Photo Credit: Periyasamy M

This year, Hyderabad woke up to a special menu for Sehri, which is the pre-dawn meal eaten just before sunrise when Muslims resume Roza (Fasting from morning to evening). Keeping up with the spirit of the Iftar Food Walk, several eateries in Hyderabad are offering special Sehri menus and thalis. These thalis or combos are big enough for at least four people and serve traditional Hyderabadi cuisine. mostly. Sehri combo in Hyderabad is usually a mix of non-vegetarian starters like kebabs, bread and rice, a dal and a main course curry.

A Haleem place during Ramadan

A Haleem place during Ramzan | Photo Credit: Nagra Gopal

Though going out for Sehri is not a traditional practice, it is slowly catching up with late working people as well as people who sometimes like to have a leisurely meal without stepping into the kitchen during Ramadan. We do. Sehri meal in restaurants usually starts around 1.30 p.m.

Many people who head out for Sehri say the experience is good, especially because it allows them to enjoy traditional dishes without having to cook them. dishes on the menu are Khichdi, Khatta, Stone Meat, Minced Meat, Dum Keema, Tomato Cuts, Locked Meat, Kidney Liver Fry and what not.

Ashfaq Ahmed, a Hyderabad-based food influencer, recommends some Sehri places like Dine Hill, Parivar Dhaba and Kholanis. Sehri Combo at Dine Hills, Masab Tank – Priced at ₹270 and serves two – It includes Khichdi, Khatta, Khatti Dal, Keema And tomato sauce, there is also arabic Rain Matka (ARM) for ₹1,699. ,

Food display for Sehri at a restaurant in Hyderabad

Food display for Sehri at a restaurant in Hyderabad

It is a rice based dish cooked in dum style Rain (whole leg) goat and mild spices. It is a slow cooking process in which food is cooked in its own juices and the vessel containing the food is usually covered. Flour, For larger groups, there’s the Bahubali Thali with ₹2,250 Kidney Fry, Sent (Brain) Fry and Apricot Delight. Go early as it is difficult to get a seat after 3.30 pm.

At Parivar Dhaba, an unlimited Sehri is ₹599 per person. “they serve mango juiceChicken 65, Lockminced meat, pickled meat, kheema Etcetera. On weekends (Saturday and Sunday) they add got cream, got nihari etc for menu. for sweets they have Apricot Sweet And double sweetAshfaq says.

Sehri at Kholani’s Kitchen in Banjara Hills is a traditional Hyderabadi breakfast treat. The thali can be taken by at least three people and comes with porridge, sour Lentils, part of frozen meat, minced meat and stone meat, A dish in South Asian cuisine made of rice and lentils, Sour Dal combo goes well with this frozen meat,

Sehri plate and kholanis

Sehri plate and kholanis

Naib Restaurants Near Charminar Continue Their Popularity TeaTraditional breakfast menu for Sehri. So you can expect Dum ka Keema Pie and Nihari, Gurda, Kaleji and Bheja Fry , Junaid Aziz of Nayaab Hotels says, ‘Customers are flocking to the hotel Sent Fry, Nihari with naan, minced meat and all time favorite polenta, Sehri menu opens at 1 am.

There is Palm Arabiana in Shamshabad with Sehri offers. Their ‘Super Sehri’ buffet for ₹999 per person has 51 dishes spread over an eight-course meal. The buffet is from 1.30 pm to 4.30 pm. There is also a salad bar.

Roti pe boti in Fanuj

Roti pe boti in Fanuj

At Phanooz in Lakdikapul, try T2T (Tawa to Table) Paratha it could be with the restaurant’s famous Galouti Kebab Or stone meat, Sehri offers a-la-carte here and regulars recommend it Offal Fry, KebabThe roti pe boti And ragi roti With kebabs.

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