Taste the Goodness of Millets at The Raintree Hotel’s Millet-Inspired Food Pop-Up with MS Swaminathan Research Foundation

Millet tart caprese

Millet tart caprese
| Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

The momos were made of ragi flour and minced meat, a surprisingly tasty combination to start dinner. The recent Millet-inspired food pop-up at The Raintree Hotel, conducted in collaboration with M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation, showcased creative ways to present a wide range of millets.

The three-day event that took place over the weekend (August 4 to 6), was presented by executive chef Neeraj B, whose team highlighted the goodness of millets in our diets. “I have attempted innovative dishes, for example, I made laksa by slightly tweaking it, as well as a barnyard millet biryani and a caprese tart with foxtail millet,” says the chef.

For his mutton nalli nihari, the chef says he used a millet based flour as the thickening agent. “Millets adapts the flavors infused while cooking. So we have tried combinations such as okra with sorghum, kodo millet bisi bele bath, millet pasta and even pizza using multi millet flour,” says Neeraj.

Laksa millet biriyani

Laksa millet biriyani
| Photo Credit:
Special Arrangement

It was overall a good spread with focus on innovation and presentation by the team. Desserts included a millet white chocolate truffle laddu, Jowar apple crumble and a barnyard millet rabadi.

MS Swaminathan Research Foundation is dedicated to agricultural research and sustainable development, focusing on food security and rural livelihood improvement.

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