The holy month of Ramadan teaches us patience and that’s very important in life: Farman Haider

Farman Haiderwho is playing lead role in tv show savi ridefasting in this month Ramadan,
It is not easy to do while shooting all day, but he is happy that he is managing it well. He shares, “Every year I fast in the holy month of Ramzan and this year also I am doing the same. I am doing this from last 12 years. This month teaches us patience and it is very important in life.” Is.”
Decree Lives alone in Mumbai and since he doesn’t know how to cook, how does he manage his food during this month? “It is a bit difficult for me to arrange my food. My parents are in my hometown Moradabad and I stay here alone. But if you want to do something, you always find a way. For Sehri, I am a I drink protein smoothie which is muesli, banana, protein and dry fruits. I always share it with people who want to follow a proper healthy diet. And for iftar, my production team has made all the arrangements on the set I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to them,” he says.
Farman says, fasting teaches us a lot. “We learn from this that there are many people who go hungry and if we have everything, we should be grateful. Fasting makes you think about those people who barely survive with food; We need to take care of those people by helping them.” Fasting is also good for one’s health”, he shares.

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