This roadside eatery in Thiruvananthapuram is famous for its masala ‘kanji’

Sudesh Kumar aka Vijayan runs Masala Kanji

Sudesh Kumar aka Vijayan driving the spice kanji
, Photo Credit: Sreejit R Kumar

If you think tea-time snacks, that tudosporota, Puttu And while their sides are crowd-pullers at roadside eateries, here’s a surprise. even kanji (gruel) have fans!

especially spice kanji Served at a no-frills location at Chembu Panippura Junction, at the start of the Kochar Road-Valiyasala section. This eatery run by Sudesh Kumar aka Vijayan has been serving masala to its customers kanji For lunch for about a year now. Except for a printed piece of paper that announces ‘Masala Kanji’, the small outlet doesn’t even have a name. ask vijayAnnan shop and spice kanji Many people will guide you.

Despite being spicy, some customers make it spicy with homemade mango and lime pickle and sun-dried curd chillies. crisp papadwada (lentil flatbread fritters) also served with kanji, delicioushooku copy (Dry Ginger Coffee) is the signature drink here.

Masala Kanji served with papadvada, sun-dried curd chillies and pickles

Spices kanji served with papadwada, Sun-dried Dahi Chilli and Pickle on the side. Photo Credit: Sreejit R Kumar

Vijayan is reluctant to reveal the ingredients that go into the porridge. “I use red rice and it is cooked in boiled water with cumin (cumin vellum, Among the ingredients are green gram and biryani masala,” says Vijayan. as i had piping hot spice kanji, I also got grated carrots, beans and coriander leaves.

how it started

It was the pandemic that forced Vijayan, a lottery seller, to venture into the food business. “I used to sell homemade Idli And Dosa batter for a while. After that I mashed sago and chili and sold it chukku kappi on thisplace. one day i made spice kanji for myself. An autorickshaw driver who stopped nearby asked if he could take it too. Then, he brought another person with him kanji and that’s how i started making spice kanji for customers. Eventually, word spread and more people started coming,” says 60-year-old Vijayan. Food vloggers bring in more customers.

Sudesh Kumar alias Vijayan

Sudesh Kumar aka Vijayan | Photo Credit: Sreejit R Kumar

Vijayan explains kanji It is cooked on low flame and hence it stays on the stove for three to three and a half hours. “It has to be influenced by the flavors of the ingredients. kanji Gets ready by 12 noon and is usually over by 4 pm,” he says.

Since there are only two plastic stools, most customers enjoy standing Kanji. “It’s nice when people from all over the city come to see me kanji, Some of them are regular customers. I believe kanji Is the healthiest food one can have. It doesn’t require that much material.”

a bowl of spice kanji Cost ₹ 40. Pappadvada costs ₹7 for one and one chukku kappi ₹10.

The shop remains closed on Sundays.

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