Try fresh Urrak and Japanese cocktails at Goa’s newest bars

Urrac, Saipem

Pork and Pumpkin at Urrac

Pork and Pumpkin at Urrac | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Amongst the countless restaurants propagating new concepts, Urrak is one of the most promising things to do in Goa’s food scene. 4,200 sq ft of space, imaginatively dividedThe beauty is striking, in the islands.

With Master Chef India season five finalist, chef Mirvan Vinayak, the food is “simple, hearty and delicious”. The menu is charmingly simple, offering contemporary Indian and Goan food. is a real showstopper Creamy Shrimp-Shrimp in a creamy beer sauce flavored with curry leaves and green chillies, while the sweet and spicy pork and pumpkin will satiate meat lovers.

Mango-Urrak Cocktail

Mango-Urrak Cocktail | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

The restaurant is the namesake of the popular Goan drink, Urrak, which is a fermented first distillate of cashew apple juice. Lots of kitchen ingredients make their way to the bar. Urrak-based cocktails include mango and Kashmiri red chili urrak, which are sweet-spicy and full of heady flavor. Try a feni-infused cocktail with tirfal (or Indian Sichuan pepper) and turmeric, it’s as Goan-like as it gets.

You’ll go for the drinks and the food, but it’s likely that the ambiance and cozy atmosphere will draw you to the dance floor as well.

In Urrak, a meal for two including beverages costs ₹2000

Cashews, Asago

Cashews, Asago

Cashew, Asago | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Walk between the stylish Fig and Maple and find this cozy bar upstairs. For Chef Radhika Khandelwal, “Kajuz is a vibrant community bar that draws inspiration from the abundant cashew trees in Goa. It celebrates Goa’s rich culinary heritage, using local produce and incorporating traditional and modern methods.

The elevated seating area at the bar facilitates conversation with the bartender and fellow drinkers. Sip your favorite poison and eat casual bar favorites like spicy chicken wings and popcorn shrimp. An added bonus: You can go to the adjoining room to play carrom, ludo or just relax on the couch.

Popcorn Shrimp in Cashews

Popcorn Shrimp in Cashews | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Homey but hearty pork fries with avocado mousse are well-balanced, have myriad textures and hit the right spots. Garnish it with poi, a traditional Goan bread. The tech-driven drinks menu boasts naturally carbonated sodas made from water kefir. Try the kachi keri (a type of mango) with urrak, a refreshing cocktail made from local mangoes. A special new feni menu is on the cards.

In Cashews, a meal for two including beverages costs ₹1500

Shiori, Siolim

Shiori, Siolim

Shiori, Siolim | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Upon entering this simple, street-front tavern in the streets of Siolim, you’re ushered into a rustic vintage bar where service is served yakitoriJapanese street food and cocktails.

This 132-year-old hardware store has been transformed into a dimly lit upscale bar with exposed brick walls, dark ceilings, and artsy Japanese decor. The lively bar has high stools and an Old World atmosphere, Siolim meets Japan – cosy, yet fun. Expect an elaborate yakitori experience with grilled seafood, chicken and meat on skewers. There’s also sushi, ramen bowls, and salads.

Yakitori at Shiori

Yakitori at Shiori | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

The bar menu innovates with clear cocktails, basil airs, foams, edible printed garnishes, house-made infusions and tea-based cocktails. Don’t miss the Dora Dora (inspired by Doraemon), a clear drink flavored with Dora cake, which originates from the word doriyaki and traditionally consists of two small round pancakes sandwiched with sweet azuki bean paste, which is served on top. But the food is served with rice paper. ,

In Shiroi, a meal for two including beverages costs ₹2500

Aangan, Panaji

Aangan, Panaji

Aangan, Panaji | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Immaculate frontage, right in the heart of Panaji, transports you to a beautiful, luxurious Goan home. Multiple seating areas spread across different rooms add to the spaciousness, reinforcing the feeling of being at home. Although no courtyard (courtyard) is present, the convivial and elaborate cooking techniques prevalent in the erstwhile courtyards are reflected in the varied menu and ambiance.

Biryani in the courtyard

Biryani in Aangan | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

It is dominated by Portuguese cuisine as well as the Saraswat cuisine of Goa with a contemporary twist. Get the Jhinga Vada Pao – where batata vada is replaced with prawns, which are marinated and wrapped in tangy, tamarind, mustard and spices. Kismoor (Dry Fish) Chutney, an instant relish.

The Biryani here is unique and the delicious, slow-cooked, Mutton Yakhni Raan Biryani is a rare treat. Try the fish platter here, which offers top-notch seafood that is procured locally. Seafood on the fish platter includes fresh fish of the day—chonak (barramundi), modso (lemon fish), tisreo (shell fish), prawns, served as curry, dried prawns served with salad or raisins and fried a piece of fish.

Finish your meal with a hand-made ice cream: serra durra, a Portuguese sawdust pudding made from powdered biscuits, stands out especially. Well-crafted cocktails like the tequila-based Smoky Pascal Pinto made with Campari, agave tequila, green and red apple juices and hickory smoke deserve your attention.

At Aangan, a meal for two including beverages costs ₹2500

clumsy, vagabond

clumsy, vagabond

clumsy, vagabond | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

This upscale hangout of trendy vagrants has just 12 tables, and offers an eclectic mix of good food and drink. “In recent years, eating out has become a serious affair. We thought of a concept that would be fun, energetic and non-fussy – a place where no one would need to dress up or expect to be seen using silverware for small plates Will be,” explains Parth Timbadia, director of Maybe Food. Parent company of Clumsy. The design and decor is cosy, with paint splashed around the floor, bar, walls and seating area to give it the feel of being ‘clunky’, yet looks distinct.

you can call me gus

You can call me Gus. Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Try the Scorched Avocado Wheat Masa Tostadas – flaky buttery avocado with fresh cream cheese and mango salsa on a bed of spicy smoky beans. Delicious pan-roasted pork loin that is dry-aged, has a charred crust and is juicy on the inside. It is served with a spicy, tangy, salty mandarin kosher (a Japanese condiment made from finely chopped yuzu zest, togarashi chili and sea salt) slaw and crispy potato discs.

Enjoy your indulgent, ‘You Can Call Me Gus’ – lychee vodka and cashew orgeat, where an ice-shaving machine is used to execute this wholesome cocktail, as you enjoy the blue, adjacent bar and restaurant space Soak in the pool. The Tommy Margarita is another cocktail made using an ice-shaving machine, which gives the drinks here a refreshing taste, as well as making them great for social media posts.

In Clumsy, a meal for two including beverages costs ₹2500

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