UK legacy brand PizzaExpress now in Bengaluru

American Hottest Pizza

American Hottest Pizza | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

PizzaXpress, the famous pizza chain that has been based in London’s Wardour Street since 1965, has made its way to Bengaluru through Gourmet Investments Pvt Ltd, a food and beverage venture of the Bharti family office. Recently, PizzaXpress launched its flagship restaurant in Koramangala, bringing the famous pizzas to Indian consumers.

The chain has made a name for itself in the UK with its simple recipe: well-kneaded dough, a simple tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and a variety of toppings. With over 400 restaurants worldwide, the chain has expanded globally and made its Indian debut in 2012 in Mumbai.

Calaberry Pizza

Calaberry Pizza | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

In addition to their signature UK favourites, such as the oblong-shaped Calabrese Pizza with Hot Calabrese Sausage, fresh red chillies, Emilgrana cheese, and spicy, soft N’Duza sausage, PizzaXpress also serves a range of pizzas with an Indian twist to the Indian palate. completes. Twists, like Chicken Coriander Pesto Pizza and Tandoor Chicken Pizza.

Chicken Coriander Pesto Pizza is a delightful blend of Italian pesto sauce with aromatic Indian coriander, while Tandoori Chicken Pizza pays tribute to India’s love for tandoori cuisine, with succulent pieces of tandoori chicken with a crispy thin crust.

Apart from the delicious pizzas, the history and heritage of the restaurant is a big draw. PizzaXpress was founded over 50 years ago by Peter Boizot with a simple vision to create the best pizza in town, which remains at the core of the chain’s identity.

Pizza Express, Bangalore

PizzaXpress, Bangalore | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

The ambiance at their flagship store in Koramangala is trendy and stylish, with comfortable chairs and bright lighting. The atmosphere is lively with a constant hum of conversation and the aroma of freshly baked pizza in the air. Service is friendly and prompt with staff attending to your every need.

For starters, the dough balls with a trio of dips – pesto, pesto rosso, and garlic butter – were fluffy on the inside and slightly crispy on the outside, with the dips adding some variety to the appetizer. The American Hottest Pizza had pepperoni, jalapeno, Ndjua sausage, passata, buffalo mozzarella, parsley, and some delicious chili oil. Our table ordered the Romana Base version of it, so we just rolled it out and made light work of it.

Although the coffee bar side of the menu was a bit heavy, the highlight of the meal was the raspberry cheesecake served with raspberry coulis. The cheesecake had a smooth and creamy texture, with the sourness of the raspberry coulis perfectly balancing the sweetness of the dessert.

Lastly, PizzaXpress, with its fluffy dough balls, calaberry and romaine thin crusts, is a welcome addition to Bengaluru’s vibrant food scene. With its history, heritage, modern decor and friendly service, PizzaXpress offers a lovely dining experience to its customers.

Pizza Express

36, 1st Cross Road, Koramangala 5th Block, Bengaluru.

call: 08041306844

Surroundings: Modern

Hits: American Hottest, Margarita, Duffballs

Miss: cold coffee

Wallet Factors: The cost of a meal for two is ₹1000

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