Watch | What is unique about biryani from Dindigul?

look | What is unique about Dindigul’s Biryani?

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Bangaru is a small eatery in Dindigul, Tamil Nadu. It serves mutton biryani from 6 am to 11 am and is famous as the ’10 pm biryani place’.

It is located on Big Bazaar Street, and is one of the oldest Biryani outlets in the city. Biryani is made from seerga samba rice, a short-grained rice that is native to Tamil Nadu.

Dindigul Biryani is known for its dark brown colour, mild flavor and tender flesh. The meat used in the biryani is sourced from free-range goats that graze the surrounding hills. There are many popular Biryani restaurants in Dindigul city.

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Reporting: Akila Kannadasan

Video: G Murthy

Production: Shibu Narayan

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