World Chocolate Day: Visit these Kochi cafes for lip-smacking desserts

Chocolate Mousse / Dessert Concept (click for more) Chocolate

Chocolate Mousse/Dessert Concept (click for more) Chocolate | Photo Credit: Getty Images

Bruning Alaska

Bruning Alaska | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

burning alaskaBombay: A version of Alaska, the dessert is a chocolate dome filled with Japanese soufflé cheesecake, velvety mitti (sponge cake crumble) and fresh berries. It’s topped with torched marshmallow fluff meringue and completed with rum flambé and bubbling couture chocolate and caramel pours.

420, To 2. District 7 in Encore, Jawahar Nagar.

Gelato Cake

Gelato Cake

Gelato Cake | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Handmade and customized Chocolate Gelato Cake is a combination of flavors and textures selected from a variety of single origin chocolates – Madagascar, Tanzania, Idukki – Layers of Gelato separated by various ingredients including cake crumbs, crumbled cookies, fruit puree, chocolate are done. Ganache or Caramel Sauce.

₹2000, in incredible art

Chocolate Journey Cake

Designed to stay moist for several days, the Chocolate Travel Cake uses extra-soft chocolate sponge with caramel filling and is topped with hazelnuts and chocolate. It was introduced in the city two months ago.

price of one piece 120, all at Pandhal Cafe.

Eight Textured Valrohana Chocolate Cake

Eight Layered Valrohna Cake

Eight layered Valrohna cake | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Set in a small ring and with a clay sponge as the base, eight textured Valrohana cakes form with neat layers of chocolate mousse, hazelnut sponge, chocolate ganache, hazelnut crunch and caramel mousse. The top is a hard dark chocolate disc with a slight depression in the centre. It is served with dark chocolate sauce on the side.

₹975 plus taxesA Serving Weight is 120 grams; Colony Club, at the Grand Hyatt.


Idukki Gold Chocolate Cake

A moist chocolate sponge layered with velvety smooth chocolate ganache made from single origin cocoa sourced from the farms of Idukki, topped with spicy mascarpone for a Malabar twist.

₹ 185 at Cocoa Tree Outlets

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